Boring Update

Hello there. This is my first blog-post in about 8 months and if you think that a lot has happened politically in that time just you wait until you hear about what I’ve been doing:

  • I started an MA and dropped out.
  • I have been working as a Learning Support Assistant at a school in London.
  • I watched both series of Catastrophe in two days. Best sitcom I’ve seen since I recently got into Curb Your Enthusiasm – also brilliant.

I’m going to try and relax the standards by which I hold myself because it means I just don’t write. I’m not going to start writing any old tosh – although it might seem that way to you – but always expecting everything I write to “go viral” because I wrote that one article that “went viral” like a strain of syphilis doesn’t mean, therefore, that everything that doesn’t “go viral” is a failure. Perfectionism is a form of arrogance anyway because essentially what you’re saying is that you are so special that anything that isn’t really brilliant and amusing is somehow something of deep shame because you don’t do “average”. However, when you look at all your heroes  – in my case Ricky Gervais, Larry David and Stewart Lee, to name but a few – then they have all tried things out that have and haven’t worked. The only thing you have to lose is your own sense of pride but pride is a vice for a reason.

My goal for the next year is to try and blog with a little more regularly, a minimum of once a week. Every day is unrealistic but once or twice a week is perfectly achievable providing I don’t relapse into total shithead behaviour.

By the way, just so you know, I am aware that a) this isn’t very funny and b) that you’re very unlikely to really care about any of this but my reasoning is that if I write it all down in ‘public’ – how odd that a random blog in a dark corner of the internet is now considered ‘public’, and probably more ‘public’ than if I read this out outside a tube station – then the fact that it is out ‘there’, wherever ‘there’ actually is, will make me much more likely to actually stick to it.

That is all. A very boring post but a necessary one, sort of like cleaning your room or texting your girlfriend about her night-out(joke, I don’t have one). Stay cheeky!


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