My name is Fionn Shiner, I’m 24 years old and have written for the Huffington Post, Private Eye, the Independent, the Guardian, spiked as well as publishing a short story and a successful play at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I also work for the Daily Mirror but my writing here is in no way associated with the paper.

Once a week for the entirety of 2017 I will be publishing an article about something of interest to me, ranging from truth to feminism to love to Liverpool FC. I will also publish some videos to expand on any topics that have generated healthy discussion.

The reason for this challenge is because writing, reading and thinking are my great joys. Regular writing is good, but regular publishing is even better as you learn best from making mistakes, phrasing things incorrectly and generally putting yourself out there. Learning, too, is best through interaction and discussion with intelligent, open-minded people which will be facilitated and appreciated on these pages.

If the writing is good, and the research thorough, then everything else will follow: a growing platform, improved writing and a contribution of sorts. Writing is a solitary pursuit so any feedback is appreciated more than you can imagine. Thank you very much for reading.

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