Really Interesting and Lovely Things I Saw on a Run Today, Part 2

As I mentioned in another post a few months ago (yes, that’s a long time. I’m sorry but I’m just inconsistent, I promise to get better) I have begun the act of running which is a form of exercise (those words in italics are the original Latin spellings) and have vowed to inform you of all the interesting shit I see whilst plodding and spluttering around.

Yesterday I went for a very intense run indeed, featuring lots of really fast running but then some slow running.

Really Interesting and Lovely Things I Saw on a Run Today:

The ghost of my dead grandfather.

Wow, that’s a bit macabre isn’t it? How on earth did that happen? Well, as I mentioned this was a very intense run and I didn’t have enough to drink, unfortunately. So after about 20 minutes I began to become dehydrated, and then I began to hallucinate. And there he was. I’ve never actually met my grandfather as he died before I was born so don’t know what he looks like. But it was definitely him; he was old, wearing a hi-vis North Face cagoule (as they were very popular during WW2) and was walking a ghost dog that was barking and trying to sniff my arse.

It was definitely him. I’m sure of it.


Really Interesting and Lovely Things I Saw On a Run

So, in order to be fit and healthy I’ve started doing this thing called running. Basically, you punish yourself for no discernible reason by ambling around, tongue lolling out like a dying, degenerate dog, cheeks as red and rosy as an 70 year old alcoholic, legs spindly like a spiders and straining under the weight, all in the name of health. It’s quite odd and really rather masochistic.

In order to make this slightly more interesting I like to look at things using my eyes whilst I’m doing this alien practice known as exercise. As Birmingham is such an amazingly beautiful and exotic place and London is packed full of greenery and wild animals, I have seen some amazing things running around these two sprawling metropolis’. Truly otherworldly and I don’t think you could envisage the breathtaking beauty of it all.

So, being a community minded individual I’m going to tell you all about the things I’ve seen. This is the first one and I’m starting with a real bang.

Really Interesting and Lovely Things I Saw on a Run Today:

A duck. It was asleep.

ImageThis is exactly what the duck looked like. I thought it was a really unique duck because it had this cool, edgy little green bit on its head but apparently loads of ducks like to have that little bit of green on their heads and it’s a really popular craze sweeping the duck world. They’re also really getting into wholemeal bread and have been known to reject conventional white bread because it’s too ‘mainstream’. Apparently.