Really Interesting and Lovely Things I Saw on a Run Today, Part 2

As I mentioned in another post a few months ago (yes, that’s a long time. I’m sorry but I’m just inconsistent, I promise to get better) I have begun the act of running which is a form of exercise (those words in italics are the original Latin spellings) and have vowed to inform you of all the interesting shit I see whilst plodding and spluttering around.

Yesterday I went for a very intense run indeed, featuring lots of really fast running but then some slow running.

Really Interesting and Lovely Things I Saw on a Run Today:

The ghost of my dead grandfather.

Wow, that’s a bit macabre isn’t it? How on earth did that happen? Well, as I mentioned this was a very intense run and I didn’t have enough to drink, unfortunately. So after about 20 minutes I began to become dehydrated, and then I began to hallucinate. And there he was. I’ve never actually met my grandfather as he died before I was born so don’t know what he looks like. But it was definitely him; he was old, wearing a hi-vis North Face cagoule (as they were very popular during WW2) and was walking a ghost dog that was barking and trying to sniff my arse.

It was definitely him. I’m sure of it.